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This is the Freelancing Minute for Friday, February 14th (Valentine’s day!) 2014.

When you’re creating a proposal, it’s important to contextualize our offer (what we’re building or doing) with the problem and the solution. In this short clip, I seek to define the differences between the problem, the offer, and the solution.

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This week I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Sherry Walling, a clinical psychologist and counselor and the wife of Rob Walling, who we talked with in Episode 12.

Sherry gave a fantastic talk at MicroConf last year on ways that entrepreneurs can manage their own anxiety, and I wanted to bring her on to discuss how you can make sure that your life as a freelance consultants doesn’t end up hurting your health, your relationships, and your family.

You can follow Sherry on Twitter at @zenfounder

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This week my special guest was Rob Walling. He’s known for the following…

And I thought I did a lot!

We chatted about how you can move — either partially or fully — from freelancing to making money from products.

In this episode, I talked with Marcus Blankenship of CREO Agency. If you don’t live in a tech hotbed like SF or NYC and you worry that your location will hinder your ability to recruit clients, you won’t want to miss this episode.

I also mentioned my upcoming Skillshare course on value pricing proposals. Here’s the link.

Today I talked with Nick Hance of Reenhanced about ways of setting yourself apart from your competition. If you’ve ever wondered how you, as say a Ruby developer, are any different than me (a Ruby developer) or thousands of other Ruby developers, you’ll want to listen to this discussion.

I also opened the show by talking about my upcoming bootcamp with Patrick McKenzie (patio11) on how to create recurring revenue for your consulting business. Here’s the link to the bootcamp.

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