Effortlessly sell your digital products (courses, ebooks, membership site, or SaaS) without big launches or lots of high-touch selling.

Do you have prospects going to your site to read your content? And are you content with how many of them ultimately buy your product(s)?

If not, then read on…

If you’re like many online businesses, you’re doing your best to grow your audience. You’re spending time and money creating content, and you might even have a few lead magnets that are getting people to opt-in to an email course or free report.

But I’m guessing that you don’t really have a great strategy for converting your subscribers to customers. Maybe you hope they’ll gravitate to your product and click the big “BUY” button. Or you’re doing big launches every few months, thinking that this will get large chunks of your subscriber base to become customers.

You need an automated sales funnel.

Here’s what that means:

  1. You need to have a compelling reason for anonymous readers of your content to become subscribers.
  2. You need to educate your subscribers about why they absolutely, positively need the service you provide.
  3. You also need to make sure you’re getting them to engage with the educational content you’re sending (and not insta-archiving your emails)
  4. You’re going to want to also find ways to learn as much as you can about your subscribers and their needs
  5. You need to present your awesome product to your subscribers when and ONLY when they’re ready for it
  6. You need to get subscribers to whip out their credit cards and pay you
  7. And you need for this all to happen 24/7/365 so you can focus on what you do best: creating great products, supporting your customers, and getting your company in front of more prospects

Got it? Good. Not sure how you can do this? Then continue reading…

For the last few years, I’ve built multiple automated sales funnels for my business and the businesses of my clients. These funnels regularly return hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue each year and are extremely low maintenance.

These automated sales funnels take a new subscriber, pitch them on a free offering that is inline with whatever business or life goal that person has, and teaches the subscriber about how they can achieve that goal. Then they present a product as the ultimate shortcut to getting to where the subscriber wants and needs to be, and creates some compelling reasons why they need to buy right away.

I can do all this for you.

emailcourserevenueHere’s last month’s revenue chart from the primary email course I promote on DoubleYourFreelancing.com . All of this revenue came from a sophisticated, evergreen education and launch sequence. People read my content, opt-in to my lead magnets, move through the funnel, buy, move further through my funnel, buy my premium offering, and then probably tell their friends that they, too, absolutely need my product.

As a result of the success I’ve had with automated sales funnels, I’ve been asked to speak at numerous marketing and business conferences, consult on some big name projects, and helps hundreds of companies like yours make more money and spend less time doing it.

Here’s what would make you a good fit for working with me:

If this is you and you want to add hundreds of thousands (or more) in revenue to your bottom line in a way that scales indefinitely and works on autopilot, then I’m your guy.

Contact me for a free, 20-minute alignment session

Before you contact me…

There’s one thing you should know: I only accept projects where I’m certain there will be a substantial ROI. If you don’t have many customers, have an untested product, or have hardly anyone visiting your website then there’s a strong likelihood that we won’t be a good fit.

Again, I only want to take your money if I’ll end up giving you a big multiple back in return.

Here’s what you can expect if you reach out:

“If you’re doing so well with your business, why are you consulting?”

Great question.

Three reasons:

“Can I use the email marketing software that I’m using now?”

It depends. Some software just isn’t full featured enough to do what I need to do (for example, Mailchimp). When you contact me, I’ll ask you what you use. If it won’t let us achieve the success I need us to achieve, we’ll talk about migrating you to something new.

“…Do you just write drip campaigns for your clients?”

If by a drip campaign you mean…

…then yes. But I’m guessing you were thinking “a series of email lessons dripped at day or two intervals.” That’s not what I offer.

Contact me for a free, 20-minute alignment session

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