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When not consulting or coaching, you can often find me working on one of my products. I’ve written or created a project management SaaS application, two books, a monthly workshop, a podcast, and a weekly newsletter that are helping thousands of freelancers grow their businesses.


Planscope projectBuilding client projects can be tough, especially when working with a client who rarely (if ever) has ever hired a freelancer. Gathering requirements, getting feedback, and talking about what needs to get done can lead to email and meeting overload.

What if you could invite your client to a project management tool that’s tailored to how you work with your clients? What if this tool took care of letting your clients know what’s been done, what’s left to do, what they need to approve, and how (and where) their budget’s being used? What if this tool made it loud and clear that extra work = more money? And helped answer, “Will this get done on time and within budget?”

Having freelanced and consulted for years, I’ve burned through a lot of project management apps. Most were built for engineers, by engineers — which isn’t necessarily a problem. But my clients would get frustrated and confused, and resort back to emails and Skype calls. Planscope is the project management tool I wish I had years ago.

Double Your Freelancing Rate

One interesting side effect of launching Planscope last February was that I started emailing a lot of my customers, and a lot of our conversations centered around their business — not Planscope. When the topic of rates would come up, I noticed quite a lot of people were — in my mind — undercharging. $50, $75, even $100 an hour for quality work that should go for at least 2x.

Double Your Freelancing Rate

And this is when I thought… “You know, I have a lot of experience consulting. Sure, I might not be the EXPERT, KNOW-ALL consultant… But I know a little bit more than a lot of freelancers.” It was then that I realized Planscope, my first product, was helping freelancers be better freelancers. It wasn’t just helping them manage their projects.

So I decided to create my second product, and this time I’d write English rather than code.

I’m really proud of this book, and it’s already helped thousands of freelancers raise their rates by discovering their value proposition and revamping their positioning.

The Blueprint — Learn How To Sell Online

The BlueprintOnce I launched Double Your Freelancing Rate in August of 2012, the #1 question I got was: How can I get more clients? That’s a loaded question — there are a LOT of ways to get more clients.

I thought through exactly what I had done with my business to secure $100k+ a month in project revenue to feed my team of eleven, and outlined a start-to-finish strategy for building a community of people around you and your company, and “mining” that community for clients.

In March of 2013, I released The Blueprint. And unlike my first book, I’m selling more than just the book. I’m offering exclusive interviews, a handbook of copy that can be dropped directly into consulting websites, a website template, and more.

Consultancy Masterclass

It’s lonely at the top. And for a lot of consultants — whether running a team of twenty or running solo — we don’t really have anyone to turn to when we run into issues with clients, projects, subcontractors, and other aspects of our business.

I teach a two day workshop (along with my good friend, Obie Fernandez) that covers everything you need to know about growing a sustainable consulting company. Sales, marketing, cash flow, hiring, firing, productizing your offering… it’s an exhausting, jam packed 10 hours of content. But it works, and my students are more successful with each passing month.

The workshop also includes access to the Consultancy Masterclass peer group, a private mailing list where no question or topic is off the table. We share billing nightmares, contract questions, and even excess work on this list.

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