Find out what it takes to build a $100k+/year automation funnel

Still on the fence about this whole automation thing?

Think that personalization is over-rated, and that general sales copy is fine?

Can I try to change your mind?

I’ve created a free email course that outlines in general strokes a lot of what I help my clients with individually. You’ll learn a bit about my philosophy around automation and personalization, and I’ll share with you exactly how I’ve built a funnel that reliably generates $55.80 within 30 days for each new lead that joins it.

If you have started using marketing automation and want to get it to the next level, you need to learn from Brennan. Brennan is the master at this stuff. He’ll walk you through a great strategy to increase engagement with your list, relevancy of what you send them and ultimately more sales. You’ll come away with a blueprint specific to your business that you can implement right away. And you can ask him lots of specific questions, which will save you a huge amount of time.

— Blair Wadman